Once Upon a Time

There was a time,

I admired you,

before I knew,

the better, the

world, and the truths,

contained  in the

cracks of your lies.


There was a time

when I loved you,

before I knew,

my heart’s limits,

my true value,

and my value

in your life plan.


 There was a time

I trusted you,

before I knew,

the piercing pain,

the savage scars,

some visible,

while most unseen.


 There was a time

I gave you a

place in the ruins

of what would one

day become my

well-designed, steely

fortress, my life.


There was a time

I said good-bye,

Because I knew.


© 2012 katie cullen


About In a Word ... Blog

I am a lover of words with a great reverence for the power they possess to build up, tear down, evoke emotion, and take you on journeys to places you have never been or merely to the recesses of your mind. My personal manifesto: If we are not creating, adding something of value to the Universe, then we are ever so slowly sucking the Life out of it ... and taking up all too valuable real estate ... Create ... Give something back!

2 responses to “Once Upon a Time”

  1. ontheplumtree says :

    Lovely to hear fro you again, Katie.

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