Radio Interview & Book Release: ‘Every Child Is Entitled To Innocence’

Please listen to Words On Top’s Frank Hanover radio interview of Niamh Clune promoting the book release of ‘Every Child is Entitled to Innocence’ and the launch of Orangeberry Books Publishing.

I am thrilled to be published in the company of such incredibly talented writers and poets in “Every Child is Entitled to Innocence” … this wonderful anthology is published by Orangeberry Books and is available Today.

Please visit to purchase your copy, and help to Stamp Out Child Abuse.

All profits from the sales of this collaborative effort will go to benefit Child Helpline International (

Click on the below link to listen.


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2 responses to “Radio Interview & Book Release: ‘Every Child Is Entitled To Innocence’”

  1. Eliza says :

    That’s so awesome, congratulations!!

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