As a small child, my family would visit the park on Sunday afternoons, and I was allowed to have only one ride on the carousel.  It was an old fashioned carousel with ornately carved and colorfully painted wooden horses.  Each week I would choose the grandest horse positioned on the outer edge of the carousel.  You see, it was only from the outer horses that I had a chance to reach for and grasp the brass ring … thereby winning the opportunity to ride again.

It strikes me now, being not so small of a child any longer, the life lesson wrapped up in those delightful Sunday afternoons spent upon my trusted steed.  Thus, Life is like a carousel … forever spinning round and round, with each of us experiencing our own ups and downs … and if you position yourself on the edge, take a chance, reach for the stars, you may just find that when you open your hand … you are holding the brass ring.


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About In a Word ... Blog

I am a lover of words with a great reverence for the power they possess to build up, tear down, evoke emotion, and take you on journeys to places you have never been or merely to the recesses of your mind. My personal manifesto: If we are not creating, adding something of value to the Universe, then we are ever so slowly sucking the Life out of it ... and taking up all too valuable real estate ... Create ... Give something back!

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