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Winged Flight



As a small child, my family would visit the park on Sunday afternoons, and I was allowed to have only one ride on the carousel.  It was an old fashioned carousel with ornately carved and colorfully painted wooden horses.  Each week I would choose the grandest horse positioned on the outer edge of the carousel.  You see, it was only from the outer horses that I had a chance to reach for and grasp the brass ring … thereby winning the opportunity to ride again.

It strikes me now, being not so small of a child any longer, the life lesson wrapped up in those delightful Sunday afternoons spent upon my trusted steed.  Thus, Life is like a carousel … forever spinning round and round, with each of us experiencing our own ups and downs … and if you position yourself on the edge, take a chance, reach for the stars, you may just find that when you open your hand … you are holding the brass ring.

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