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About In a Word ... Blog

I am a lover of words with a great reverence for the power they possess to build up, tear down, evoke emotion, and take you on journeys to places you have never been or merely to the recesses of your mind. My personal manifesto: If we are not creating, adding something of value to the Universe, then we are ever so slowly sucking the Life out of it ... and taking up all too valuable real estate ... Create ... Give something back!

5 responses to “In a Word … Bliss”

  1. James Stratford says :

    Do you know of Joseph Campbell – his mantra was “follow your bliss.”

    • inawordblog says :

      Yes, I do know of Joseph Campbell mantra. However, I have to say I am not intimately familiar with his work having not read it in depth (albeit knowing that at some point I will). There are certain works that I choose not to read as to not be influenced in by their “take” on Life. With my writing, I endeavor to come from a place of personal knowledge and/or realized truths…and sometimes that requires temporary filters. What a wonderful question, James … thank you so much!

      • James Stratford says :

        I completely agree. When we step back from the noise of the mind, all that we need, all the knowledge and wisdom is right here and now. It’s just a matter of getting into the habit of tuning in and listening.

    • inawordblog says :

      James, I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your website … your photography is amazing … and the gifts that you give to others … are priceless … thank you on behalf of the Universe. 🙂

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